Social media has begun to migrate from a predominantly text-based medium, through photography and into video. Film is a vital medium through which we not only capture our world, but also seek to understand it. This workshop explores an emerging area of research within the CHI community that focuses on applying filmic techniques in two different ways:

  1. To automatically interpret personal data and to allow users to interact with personal data.
  2. To explore film as a vehicle for the personal curation of digital identity.

My Life on Film is a multidisciplinary, one-day workshop that seeks to bring together social scientists, film and cinematography experts, ethnographers, semantic and graphics engineers together with HCI practitioners to explore and evaluate individual and community representations on film.

Our aim is to explore ways of translating traditional social media data into film, the engineering challenges of automatically rendering filmic media, and the critical role such automatic and semi-automatic systems can play in persuasion, understanding, and empowerment.