09:00   Arrive / coffee
09:30   Welcome / Introduction
09:45   Short personal intros from everyone

10:00  PART 1 – Setting the scene

activity 1a
Split into four groups
Approximately 2-3 minutes each to present either:

  • You and your work
  • Your position paper
  • Your interesting paper

Come up with a set of interesting questions that we might want to consider / reflect on / answer during the workshop.

activity 1b
Split into three groups [A’s, B’s and C’s/D’s]
Representatives from each group present the questions that came up in task 1.

activity 1c
A chance to introduce yourself to anyone you haven’t met yet.


11:30 PART 2 – Exploring our data footprint

activity 2a
Speed demos / ideas sharing

activity 2b / 2c
Open conversations / reviewing

13:00 LUNCH

14:30 PART 3 – What can we make? / Should we make it?

activity 3a
Critical brainstorming session in three groups, each comprising at least one of the following:

outsider realiser dreamer critic

Presenting back in groups

Summary / planning next steps

17:00 Close

 19:00 DRINKS & DINNER (venue tbc)